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All New Laser Harp
For Concerts and Amusement Parks


The harp has always been a melodic and enchanting instrument who's play can create some of the most beautiful images in the mind. But why rely onyour mind for these images? Why not experience a harp who's visual appearance is as much enchanting and breathtaking as the music it plays?

Our Technology

Our scientists in China have developed a laser harp. Instead of strings, the laser harp uses beams of light, which can be played by passing ones hands through the beams. The harp consists of a laser, beam splitter,opto-electronic device, electric controller, and electric piano. The size of the laser beams can fluctuate according to the users requirements, so that if thick beams ae required, they can be made just so.

Type of Lasers Used

Different kinds of lasers, such as semi-conductor lasers, Helium Neon lasers, YAG lasers, Argon ion lasers, Argon Krypton mixed vapor lasers, Krypton ion lasers, and high frequency metal vapor lasers can be used to power the laser harp.

Nowhere else will you see technology of this caliber for display.

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