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New Gold Mining Technology
Absorboaggregation Flotation for Carlin Type Gold Ore


Carlin Type gold is a special gold ore, in which gold particles of 0.1 ~0.01 Ám in size are disseminated in rock minerals, such as pyrite, illite, and montmorillite.The microsized gold cannot be observed, even with the use of a common microscope, hence the name "invisible gold" or "microsized disseminating gold".

Our Technology

By studying the effects of serial reagents on gold ore, our scientists have gradually selected out reagent combinations, which have have various functions for gold ore.The absorboaggregation flotation technique can effectively separate the Carlin Type gold from other minerals and impurities.

Experimental results have proven a good rate of gold recovery through this new technique.

Examples of this Technology

Fig.1 (Microscopic Gold ore before absorboaggregation)

Fig. 2 (Microscopic gold ore agglomeration)

This Type of Gold has Deposits All Over The World

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